David Brent’s New Music Video Is Hilariously Cringey


The long awaited comeback of David Brent begins today with the release of the first single from his new album Life on the Road.

The song ‘Lady Gypsy’ is as inappropriate as its title suggests and may or may not describe the time the infamous Wernham Hogg boss lost his virginity.

The folksy tune is full of the usual Brent-isms including the odd looks to camera and hilariously awkward jokes, while he prances about like a Dexys Midnight Runners reject.


A highlight has to be when Brent, about to get down and dirty with the unfortunate ‘lady gypsy’, takes the time to reassure himself that she’s not a prostitute and lectures her about gypsies selling heather.

It’s so toe-curlingly embarrassing it actually made me wince a little and I can only pray that this isn’t really how he lost his virginity because, if so, that poor woman.

The song is, of course, actually to promote the David Brent spin-off movie and was released on Ricky Gervais’ Twitter today.

David Brent Life on the Road is in cinemas August 19 and if it’s as cringe as this music video, I think we’re all in for a good time.