Demi Lovato Wants To Be An MMA Fighter, Watch Her In Action


Demi Lovato is reportedly taking a step back from the music industry, suggesting she’s ‘not meant for this business and the media’.

So that will probably free up a significant amount of time in her schedule, but what to replace it with? MMA obviously.

And her trainer believes she has the skill to make it in the world of combat…

Jay Glazer said:

She throws elbows better than most of the UFC guys that come in there. She’s definitely one of our fighters, without a doubt…

She has the mind-set. I wish I could bottle up her mind-set and sell it to all the guys in the UFC. She’s a bad little lioness. Don’t mess with her.

Demi Lovato has even mentioned entering the cage competitively apparently.

Glazer added:

She’s brought it up to us a million times.

Surprisingly impressive.

We have definitely seen worse training videos and performances inside the Octagon this year, naming no names *cough CM PUNK *cough…