People Believe These Photos Prove Eminem Died In 1999

by : UNILAD on : 08 Feb 2017 12:35

Another conspiracy theory has risen from the depths of the Internet to suggest that Marshall Bruce Mathers III – better known as Eminem or Slim Shady – has been dead for over a decade.

In 2005, Eminem went to rehab for a sleeping pill addiction. The theory suggests that in 2006, he died from a substance overdose and was replaced by a look-alike, clone and finally an android to keep money flowing into the music industry.


Make sense? Of course fucking not. But some people are convinced it’s true.

Around 2012, the theorist compiled 50 images of Slim Shady from the 90s, 2000s and 2010s – that’s when he decided the rapper was probably dead and replaced by an android.

Here’s his proof:

Exhibit A:


And Exhibit B:

Through his time-consuming face map and extremely professional skills in human feature recognition, the theorist claims that Slim Shady’s ear shape, bone structure, and ‘frozen gaze’ have all changed – proving that Eminem was in fact replaced by a synthetic programmable robot.


Not enough proof for you? He’s also gathered concrete evidence from the rapper’s lyrics – but this is where things get tricky (if they weren’t already).

The ‘evidence’ shows ‘significant changes’ in Eminem’s lyrics much earlier than 2006, leading the theorist to believe that Slim Shady actually died in 1999, not 2006.


His style – rap themes and clothing included – has apparently changed from putting ‘great emphasis on the hip hop way of life’ to ‘a lot darker’.


The theorist claims:

When Eminem returned [from Rehab] he was different man he looked younger, he looked in shape and his fashion style had a dark punisher vibe. Eminem went from a Detroit wigger who would wear baggy jeans, fitted hats with durags to a punisher with a new all black fashion sense.

I guess that means because I no longer wear Uggs with shorts and butterfly clips in my hair, I too have been replaced by android.


The theorist’s conclusion is concrete (and utter shite): “This current Eminem is a fraud who knows he’s a fraud and is gleefully shoving it in our faces.”

We’ve all been living a lie, people.

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