Do You Actually Know The Words To ‘All I Want For Christmas’?

by : Francesca Donovan on : 20 Dec 2016 11:45
mariah-carey-christmas-1mariah-carey-christmas-1Francesca Donovan

It’s the office Christmas party, you’ve been necking Prosecco since 4pm and finally your moment arrives: Mariah Carey’s tinsel town track comes on courtesy of the crap DJ.

That’s right: Here comes the season of festive frolicking and now it’s your turn to drunkenly sing All I Want For Christmas Is You at someone you can’t wait to ghost for a blissful week over the holidays.

While you probably can’t nail Mariah’s high-C note, there is a small chance you can make like Joanna from Love Actually and nail every single lyric to this Christmas classic.


Remembering the lyrics to this song is apparently just as difficult as nailing The Pogues, five whiskies deep. In other words, harder than you might think.

So, as a point of reference, here is Mariah herself doing a really good job of not messing up the words while flirting with Santa Claus.


Although the track is no longer the most played Christmas song, it’s still guaranteed a spin this Christmas.

But please, people, proceed with caution: The only thing that will make you look more foolish around the fire than belting out Mariah Carey lyrics is belting out incorrect Mariah Carey lyrics.

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