Drake Criticised For ‘Pathetic’ Tattoo That Mocks The Beatles

Drake criticised for tattoo mocking the BeatlesPA Images

Drake is facing backlash from music fans after photos emerged showing a tattoo on his arm which appears to mock The Beatles. 

The Canadian singer seems to have had the tattoo done after surpassing two records set by the British band but many social media users have argued his accomplishments don’t warrant the artwork.

In 1964, The Beatles set a Billboard chart record by having five songs in the Hot 100’s top 10 simultaneously and they held the crown for over half a century, however Drake managed to knock them from the top spot following the release of the album Scorpion in June 2018.

The Canadian rapper hit new heights with seven songs in the Hot 100’s top 10 and he then went on to beat The Beatles’ record for the number of Hot 100 top 10 tracks in a year. The Beatles secured 11 top 10 songs in 1964 but in October 2018 Drake reached 12, Complex report.

This June, Drake also surpassed the British band to claim the second-most Hot 100 top 10s ever with 35 tracks. Madonna is the record holder for that title, having had 38 songs in the Hot 100 top 10.

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It’s unclear exactly when the rapper got his new ink but photos of it have emerged online recently and it’s safe to say music lovers aren’t impressed. The tattoo, located on Drake’s forearm, appears to have been inspired by The Beatles’ 1969 Abbey Road album cover.

A photo of it was shared by the Twitter account Word On Road in a post which has since been liked and shared thousands of times:

Four figures, presumably John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, can be seen walking in a line in the same way they are on the iconic album artwork, however Drake’s version features a fifth person who is stood in front of the group waving.

It’s not certain who the individual is supposed to be but it would be reasonable to suggest it’s Drake and that the tattoo is representative of him overtaking the band.

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Many people have taken to Twitter to criticise the piece, with one writing:

I would be so embarrassed to have that tattoo. The Beatles made hits without the help of the internet and streaming platforms. Their songs are still played to this day, Drake can never compare.

Another tweeted:

Obviously, everyone is allowed their own opinion. but i think the fact that drake got a tattoo of this is so egotistical. i may be biased since i like the beatles, but if anyone did this with anyone, i wouldn’t respect them for it. there are a lot better ways to celebrate this.

A third responded:

This is what you call a massive ego. Drake gets a tattoo of himself walking in front of The Beatles and waving to them to commemorate the fact that he has surpassed them on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Drake has made other references to his success over The Beatles in the past; in his 2019 song Going Bad, with Meek Mill, he raps ‘I got more slaps than The Beatles’ in the opening verse.

Some of the Canadian’s fans have stuck up for the rapper, arguing people are making too big a deal out of the tattoo.

One Twitter user commented:

Drake probably knows good and well he’s not as big as the beatles, i honestly don’t think the tattoo is that serious and i wouldn’t think too deep into it y’all. the beatles have been the pinnacle of fame for centuries, the fact people compare themselves to them a lot says it all

Drake might have surpassed The Beatles’ records but will he be able to hold on to his crown for as long as they did? We’ll have to wait and see!

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