Drake Responded To Neighbours’ Noise Complaints By Buying Their House


Once again Drake proves that he’s got a World Series attitude and that champagne bottle life.

When his LA next door neighbours complained about the noise coming from Drizzy’s $7.7 million Hidden Hills, CA compound, Drake came up with a simple solution: to buy their house.

In a case of art reflecting life (or vice versa) Drake has actually made the bars of his guest verse in Future’s lyrically repetitive Where Ya At? come true.

Drake – last name, Graham; first name, Aubrey – raps:

Where your asses when we recording in the bathroom?

I’ll buy the neighbour’s house if they complain about the noise.

Turns out Drizzy legally bought the $2.85 million (£2.14 million) mansion next door in June 2015… Just one month before this song was released.

Drake Buys Neighbours HouseGIPHY

Hold on a second while my brain goes into meltdown, flicking through every Drake lyric ever written and reassessing everything I knew to be true before I realised Drake is actually a modern-day prophet.

This is a clear message that Drake can’t really see another squad tryna cross his. They’ll struggle to walk the distance required…

Between his 7,444 square foot home which he bought in 2012 and his new 4,445 square foot pad, Drake now owns 11,889 square foot of prime Hollywood real estate. Just to put that into words we all understand, that’s just over a square kilometre.

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The compound itself isn’t bad either. As you’d expect, it’s pretty flash.

Clearly Drizzy’s life motto; live for today, plan for tomorrow, party tonight is obviously working out well for him.


Props to the Hotline Bling singer for the most logical but ludicrously uneconomical solution to a case of the nasty neighbours.

If only I could buy out the neighbours who won’t stop having noisy sex in the flat above me. For now, earplugs will have to suffice.