Ed Sheeran Has Hilarious Reaction To Baby Who Looks Just Like Him


Ed Sheeran finally met the baby who looks just like him on Good Morning Britain and his reaction was hilarious. 

A snap of a ginger baby, who looks uncannily like the red-headed, guitar-wielding popstar has gone viral, leading fans to wonder whether Ed was actually the dad.

The picture of the tot in question, Isla Walton, was brought to Ed’s attention on Good Morning Britain and it seems he couldn’t cope with the resemblance either.

Check out his reaction in the video:

Taking one look at the child, who looks looks freakishly like him, he waived his arms in the air and denied all knowledge of potential fatherhood.

He cried:

She’s not mine, she’s not mine! I’m telling you!

The brilliant photo came about after, the little girl’s auntie, Stacey saw the unnerving resemblance to the Shape Of You singer and posted the picture to Twitter.

It quickly grabbed the attention from thousands of people, speculating on how come this baby looks so much like Ed, even more so than himself.

One Twitter user commented:

Ed Sheeran reincarnated.

Pretty weird seeing as Ed is still alive but there we go.

While another wondered how it could possibly be Ed looks so like this child:

Ed Sheeran has some explaining to do.

The singer stuck to his guns though and quickly denied he had anything at all to do with the creation of the tot, who is bizarrely, his spitting image.

He definitely found the whole thing pretty weird though and couldn’t exactly pretend Isla doesn’t look like him.

He added:

It’s mad the kind of things that go viral!

It’s certainly pretty crazy how alike they look, even more so when you see them side by side.

Weirder still, the baby’s family reckon she’s even a ‘fan’ of his music.