Ed Sheeran Once Hit Justin Bieber In The Face With A Golf Club


Ed Sheeran is the talented every man we all want to hang out with of an evening. Unless you’re Justin Bieber, apparently.

Ed Sheeran and James Corden spent a little one-on-one time during the comedian’s Carpool Karaoke viral video factory segment and Sheeran admitted he once smacked Bieber around the face with a golf club on a night out.

You can relive that moment through the power of the Sing singer’s story-telling below:

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The musicians met in a Tokyo dive bar and ended up hanging out on a golf course in the Japanese capital – as you do – when Bieber dared Sheeran to try and hit a golf ball in his drunken state… Out of the Sorry singer’s mouth.

As with all the best laid plans of drunken golfing millionaire musicians, things ended badly when Sheeran missed his shot and delivered a driver to Bieber’s face.


After telling the blow-by-blow account of their Big Night Out, Sheeran then had the cheek to deliver a heartfelt, but cramped, acoustic performance of Love Yourself; a song he wrote for Justin to perform to his tween fanbase.

You can watch Ed and James’ musical homage to the injured party below:

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Credit where credit is due, Justin Bieber reportedly took the assault on the chin – literally – and picked himself up to carry on with the middle-class pursuit, happy as a clam.

Sheeran – the melody-maker with self-confessed shit tattoos and no time for social media – just got even more likeable in our books, for his love of dive bars, if not for his golfing skill.