Ed Sheeran Reveals The Secrets Behind His Sixty Colourful Tattoos

YouTube/Shape of You

Ed Sheeran was sporting a few more colourful tattoos in his latest video and apparently each one tells a different story. 

The 26-year-old singer has finally revealed the secrets behind his collection of body art, festooned across his arms and chest, displayed in the Shape Of You video.

He said:

You will never see them in a suit. I want to get married and look great. But if I hadn’t have got them out in this music video then no one would know I even had them.

YouTube/Shape Of You

His body adornments mean a variety of things for the star, but the majority seem to represent his family, his music and his fans collected on the way.

His broken heart tattoo references the song, Hearts Don’t Break Around Here and his tattoo of ‘Your Name,’ is in honour to his 2011 song Wake Me Up.

He also has a plus sign in honour of his 2011 album, a number five to mark his EP No 5 Collaborations project, Bloodstream for his Brit award winning single and a rose for his Madison Square concert.

Halfway and ouch

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The tattoo of a Lego head is of course paying homage to one of his early hits, Lego House and his blue angel wing is for the first time his debut single The A Team was played in America.

In awe by the sell-out success of his tours, Ed has several tattoos in reference to his worldwide gigs and fandom including a huge lion for his Wembley gigs, a Kiwi bird for his love for his New Zealand tour and a maple leaf in honour of his Canadian fans.

Ed’s also got plenty to remind him of his collaborations, including lips for the Rolling Stones, a snowflake from when he toured with Snow Patrol, as well as an autograph of Damien Rice.

Only joking, covered it up for a TV show didn't I

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He’s also got ‘Ladz On Tour’ emblazoned on his body after Rixton supported him on one of his many knock-out tours.

He said:

I had Rixton on tour and I said, ‘Let’s get a tattoo – we should get Ladz On Tour because we are lads on tour.’

Ed is a sentimental soul and very close to his mum, so in honour of her, he has a tattoo of a drawing by Henri Matisse – her favourite artist – and a family tree.

The stripped version of 'Beer, boots and boobs ' is out next month

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He also has a cute cartoon etching of a teddy bear on his arm, in reference to his nickname ‘Teddy,’ from when he was a child, the Sun reports.

One-of-the-lads Ed has selection of multi-coloured jigsaw pieces inked onto his arm – one for each of his mates – and there’s also a blank space, adorably for his future wife.

Among his selection of nostalgic art work, the popstar also has a few random ones in there for the sheer hell of it, including a koala bear, a cup of tea, a gecko, a ketchup bottle and bizarrely, a goat.

Glad he got his mums looks mate @example

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That’s quite a collection he’s got going on there…

Although he vows not to have anything tattooed on his face or neck, there looks like there might be space for a few more…