Eminem Has Grown A Beard And Fans Don’t Know What To Think


I admit it. When I try to grow a beard it is a catastrophe on a dramatic scale no matter how long I go without shaving.

Constantly there’s a bald patch either on the jaw or on the cheeks – creating quite the peculiar selection of facial hair no matter what your preferences are.

Normally when I decide to let my hairs grow free there’s quite the collection of hairy types floating around, however in all my years I have never come across a hairy Eminem, and as reports the Daily Mail these fans certainly haven’t either.


That is, until now.

After over 20 years of seeing the silky smooth Eminem, Slim Shady, and Stan we all know and love – I have to say it’s rather interesting to see him growing the odd few hairs on the face. It’s also incredibly peculiar.

And as you can probably imagine, people on the Internet were just as divided in opinion as I am:

So far, admittedly it’s only a small dabble of stubble but given the reaction it has already garnered just imagine if Slim cultivated a full beard.

Based on his fans’ reaction thus far we can only assume the world would stop turning if he did.