Eminem Turns Into Venom In New Music Video For The Film


If you haven’t been hearing about the Eminem/Machine Gun Kelly feud all day, every day, for the past few weeks, then where on Earth have you been?

It all started with Eminem dropping the album, Kamikaze, out of absolutely nowhere – an album which destroyed countless new rappers.

Flick forward 24 hours and Machine Gun Kelly fired back, adding fuel to the fire by almost immediately dropping a track where he launched an attack on Em for calling him out.

In said song, Rap Devil, Kelly penned what reads like a letter. A letter in which he takes the p*ss out of Em’s ‘wirey beard’ and calls him ‘crazy’.

Two weeks later, and Em came back with Killshot – a song, which in the eyes of many, obliterated every fibre of MGK’s being.

I’m not a rapper. I’ve never rapped – aside from when I’m a bit too drunk and decide to do a bit of Hit Em Up to the embarrassment of everybody around me. However, I’d imagine being involved in such a feud as this, albeit slightly dull, could leave certain parties feeling like omnipotent villains, and if Em’s new music video is anything to go by, he certainly does.

While Venom was released on the album, just recently, the music video dropped which sees Em quite literally transforming into Venom himself.

But before we get to that, let’s just dwell on the video – you can check it out below for yourself. Now I’ve watched it twice in the past ten minutes and what can I say? I don’t know. Was it a waste of time? I laughed numerous times but flippin’ hell that was pathetic.

As I’m sure you’ve seen for yourselves, the vid begins with a young lad coming across Eminem’s 2017 album Revival cracked on the floor. He picks it up and analyses it before becoming possessed by some devilish force. He has superhuman powers and an unreal desire to shake his head. He can also rap.

What follows is basically a big ol’ game of tig, where everyone who is touched by the omnipotent superhuman becomes possessed themselves while the person before resorts to normality – most of them looking around like ‘what the hell was that all about?’.

Now I get the meaning behind the vid but it’s seriously farsical. I just don’t know what to make of it. A DOG BEGINS TO RAP AT ONE POINT. A DOG!

The culmination of the vid is of course Marshall Matthers himself becoming contaminated before the vid’s climax, where he morphs into venom for just a second or two.

Make your own opinions on the video but whatever you think, it’s one bizarre song. Enjoy.

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