Eminem’s New Album Is Finally Finished, Jokes Producer


Shady’s back, back again. And it’s official this time, tell a friend.

Amid wild speculation regarding Eminem and his upcoming musical release, to mark the 15th anniversary of The Eminem Show, a close collaborator with the Detroit rapper has confirmed work on the album has finished.

Denaun Porter, a longtime friend, made the announcement during a livestream on Instagram.


When asked if he was working on the new album, Porter responded:

No, we are done. How about that?

Disregarding his nod to Cash Me Ousside girl, who also has new music out – because we’ve created a monster – the producer failed to provide any other details but was recorded describing the new project as ‘amazeballs’.


Meanwhile, Marshal Mathers is busy working on a new musical collaboration with former partner Dr Dre for the upcoming film release, Bodied.

There is still no release date for Mathers’ own album but word on the street is, it’s dropping this Autumn.

UPDATE: Denaun was just ‘trolling the trollers’, according to Complex, who reached out to Porter, who said that his statement was just a joke.

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He explained:

They trolled the shit out of me the whole time. Anytime they come in there, they can expect to get trolled with any kind of question like that. I’m never the person to give up that kind of information.

I might say, ‘Hey, we’re working on it’ or ‘Hey, we’re close.’ But I’m never going to be the guy that gives up the information.


He added: “But they can get trolled.”

More fool us in the aftermath of this Shady behaviour.