Eminem’s Producer Slams MGK In Update On Diss Track

by : UNILAD on : 06 Sep 2018 12:06

Eminem’s response to Machine Gun Kelly’s diss track is ‘in the works’, his producer has revealed.


28-year-old Kelly, who’s credited Marshall Mathers as the original inspiration behind his own hip-hop writings, recently sent for the veteran rapper in the song, Rap Devil, a nod to Eminem’s Rap God.

On the track, Kelly slated Eminem’s ‘weird beard’ and blasted his last four albums as being ‘as bad as your selfie.’

The feud between Kelly and Slim Shady began way back in 2012 when Kelly tweeted about his daughter, Hailie being ‘hot as f*ck.’ Kelly also claimed Eminem banned him from appearing on his Shade 45 channel.


Kelly says in Rap Devil:

I’m standing up for not just myself, but my generation, I’m doing the same shit you did back in ur day. [sic]

Life is still real on my side, and I had to take time from the grind to defend myself from someone I called an idol. love, Rap Devil.

Now, Eminem’s producer, Mr Porter, has revealed the rapper is already planning his retort, according to Billboard.

He said:

Right now, he in there working. We doing something else right now, but trust me, we’ll get to it. I’ll tell you this, I wouldn’t wanna be [Machine Gun Kelly].

It’s great that you took that opportunity and did that, hey, kudos to you, good for you. The one thing that I’m worried about, you remember when Thanos threw that whole planet at Iron Man?


Shady’s longtime buddy, Bizarre, added:

But boy, the repercussions… oof. The boy gonna do you something nasty. Y’all better stop playing with that boy.


The rap legend announced the drop of his 10th album, just eight months after the release of his previous record, Revival.

Kamikaze seems to have taken the world by storm, and has even been considered Slim’s best album in a decade.

Over the weekend, the album quickly worked its way towards the top of the Official UK Albums Chart, with the midweek update placing the release at number one.


If Kamikaze holds on to the number one spot until the official update tomorrow (Friday September 7), the album will make music history.

The surprise album would be Eminem’s ninth consecutive number one album, beating the current record which he holds alongside ABBA and Led Zeppelin, who’ve eight consecutive number one albums each.

According to the Official Charts Company, Marshall Mathers’ 10th album has a substantial lead over the other albums in the race to number one, and it’s not even available in physical form, yet.

Eminem is not only dominating the album chart, but he’s also taking up three of the top 10 spots in the midweek singles chart, with The Ringer at number four, Lucky You at number seven and Greatest at number nine.

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