Entire Band Quit Puddle Of Mudd Mid-Show After Lead Singer Meltdown

by : UNILAD on : 29 Mar 2016 10:53
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It’s fair to say things haven’t been going all too well for Puddle of Mudd in recent years.


In fact, you could probably say they’ve been pretty much ignored along with the other bands from the early 2000’s nu-metal era, though this hasn’t stopped lead singer Wes Scantlin from making the headlines- for all the wrong reasons.

He’s been unfortunately plagued with substance-abuse related issues over the years and it hasn’t exactly helped the band make a go of it, even for the few fans they have left.

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And now, after another meltdown from Scantlin, it seems that Puddle of Mudd may be gone for good.


His bandmates walked out after his mid-show meltdown in their sold-out gig in Doncaster, and may have now quit the band entirely.

This left Wes trying to drunkenly explain to the audience what was going on. However, halfway through his rant they cut off his microphone and all you can hear is a barrage of heckling.

Speaking to the Doncaster Free Press, an audience member said: “It was an absolute shambles. He was walking on and off stage and was talking about being high on crack cocaine.”

If this is actually the end of Puddle of Mudd, not many will mourn their loss to music perhaps, but seeing a drug-induced meltdown from Wes causing it all is a sad sight to see, of course.

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