Fairytale Of New York Has A London Drum And Bass Version And It’s Absolute Chaos

by : Cameron Frew on : 25 Dec 2021 11:57
Fairytale Of New York Has A London Drum And Bass Version And It's Absolute ChaosAlamy/@ThePoguesOfficial/YouTube

Fairytale of New York is the best Christmas song of all time – but have you ever listened and thought, ‘God, this really needs some drum and bass?’

Its controversies aside, Fairytale of New York is always the first song queued up on my, and many others’ playlists during the holidays. It’s pretty much perfect; festive, elegiac and powerful.


However, nothing is sacred when it comes to remixes, even The Pogues and Kirsty McColl. For particularly devout fans of the original, this track may not be for you.

Back in December 2012, Levela released Fairytale of London, a drum and bass mix of the classic Christmas song. For some, it’ll be five minutes of pleasure; for others – aka me – it’ll be an infinity of pain.

For years, it’s divided listeners; some have even started treating it as a tradition, while others can’t believe it exists in the first place.


Fairytale Of New York Debate Reignited As Christmas Approaches

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‘It’s that time of year, time for the neighbours to hear this gem again,’ one user wrote. ‘Do we have to listen to this banger at Christmas time I could listen to it all year round,’ another commented. ‘This is the greatest piece of media humanity has ever released,’ a third wrote. ‘I hate Christmas pop, but I gotta say this is f*cking BEAST!’ a fourth wrote.

Here’s the original, since it’s Christmas… 

At the other side of the spectrum, one user wrote, ‘Good God this is the worst thing on YouTube, the worst piece of music ever excreted and probably the worst thing of any kind in existence.’


‘This the worst thing I have ever heard, excellent music for the family Christmas party,’ another commented. ‘Well that’s one way to ruin a classic and you should be ashamed of yourselves,’ a third wrote. ‘Nothing can ruin Fairytale of New York… but this comes pretty f*cking close,’ a fourth commented.

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