Fans Think They Have Proof Avril Lavigne Died 14 Years Ago

by : UNILAD on : 15 May 2017 19:07

Back in August 2002 the ears of the world were polluted by the monstrous single, Sk8er Boi, by Avril Lavigne. Even the spelling of skater makes me cringe.


Sk8er Boi (eurgh) marked Avril’s entry into the world of music with the song making the top ten in over a dozen countries.

Nowadays – Avril’s later singles don’t even have faintest reminiscent sound of her early work.

Did she grow up? Realise that pop punk is essentially the most irritatable music in the world, aside from Skrillex, and change her style?


Hah. You couldn’t be more wrong. Is that conspiracy I smell?

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As with all things ever, people in tin foiled hats believe that Avril Lavigne now is an entirely different person than she used to be – literally.

They believe in the possibility that Avril took her own life after the death of her grandfather back in 2003 and her highly publicised lookalike, Melissa Vandella, took her place full time.

Now, it’s very well known that Melissa Vandella was Avril’s lookalike because Avril couldn’t deal with the paparrazi 24/7.

However according to Givenchyass, who kicked the whole debate off on Twitter last week, Avril’s lookalike did not only go out into public, she was also taught how to sing like Avril too.

When Avril took her own life, because she was at the peak of her career, her record label decided that Melissa should live the rest of her life as Avril full time.


And the proof? Here it is in a series of random photographs apparently. 



Now is this theory fact or bullshit? Spoiler, it’s bullshit.

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