Festival Season Is Back And So Is The Glitter Boob Craze

by : Francesca Donovan on : 21 Apr 2019 18:02
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As Coachella comes to a close today, marking the official beginning of festival season 2k19, it’s high time we all reflected on what a nice time everyone who doesn’t have a 9-5 office job requiring them to work the bank holiday has had at the L.A. musical spectacle.

Never mind the musical performances from the likes of Kanye, Childish, Weezer, Janella Monae, and Anderson .Paak. It’s all about the experience, d’uh.


Myself, like most, are probably more enraptured in the never-ending scrolling to be had through the quagmire of #spon posts showcasing all the outrageous outfits which would otherwise be covered in mud at any Great British Festival on Instagram. Guilty.


Well, one company has come up with a very, very clever way to save you on your laundry when you get home from Glasto this year, guys.

Go Get Glitter created the ‘disco tit’ – otherwise known to tabloid news readers as the ‘glitter boob’ – a few years ago and they’re back and better than ever this year.


Here’s a little low-down from when UNILAD met the Go Get Glitter girls last year:


Holly from Go Get Glitter told UNILAD she’s always loved glitter, but even she has been surprised by the enormous spike in orders to her specialist art company.

She said:


The glitter trend really appeared out of nowhere but glitter has always been popular. I think as the festival craze has got even bigger, it’s picked up alongside; the two come hand-in-hand really!

People also really are becoming more accepting in regards to people expressing themselves and glitter is a fun and unique way to do this.

I also think it’s extremely sexy… and who doesn’t want to see someone wearing a full mermaid glitter catsuit? I definitely do!


After previous year’s successes, Holly and the gang hit up Coachella, where they’ve really upped their game.

They’ve enlisted Instagram influencers to model their new designs and they’ve been racking up thousands of ‘likes’ on social media since.


Here’s Caroline Einhoff’s efforts:

The Instagram influencer so-called for her 1.1 million followers and counting, collaborated with the British company at the festival this year.

The popular social media picture purveyor, who only goes by the single name Pasabist, also posed for candids at Coachella.


Kari Cassandra Riley, whose social bio reads ‘Instagram isn’t real life’ also bought herself a temporary glitter top; an apparent ‘necessity’ for the festival season.

To be honest, wet wipes would be higher up on my list for Download this year, but Coachella is a law unto itself, right?


The guys at Go Get Glitter do different designs, too; from melons to Bardot tops and others which look a little like slightly less supportive triangle bikinis, they’ve got it all.

After all, every woman knows how important options are in these situations.

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When your friend texts you to dress casual …. 😕

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One woman pictured on the Go Get Glitter Gram had clearly come prepared for the disco tit trend, so much so she didn’t seem at all pissed off to find half her top missing.

In fact, she’s grinning ear-to-ear:


It is unclear whether she was this happy trying to scrub glitter off her nipples once heading home.

Each to their own and good lucky to all who try the trend.

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Go Get Glitter/Instagram
  1. Go Get Glitter/Instagram