Finally, Dave Grohl And Animal From The Muppets Have A Drum Battle

by : UNILAD on : 01 Dec 2015 20:36
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It’s the drum battle we’ve always dreamed of seeing but we never thought would come to fruition – Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters and Nirvana taking on the skin smashing superstar Animal of The Muppets.

And, although the coolest man on the planet Grohl has had some big obstacles to overcome during his musical career, it’s probably fair to say none were tougher than this showdown with the Muppets’ resident percussionist.


Still, a broken leg couldn’t stop this guy from playing a show, so he isn’t going to let a paltry drum battle get the better of him!

IT'S ON! – THE ULTIMATE DRUM OFF – Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl vs…

VIDEO: IT'S ON! – THE ULTIMATE DRUM OFF – Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl vs The Muppets' Animal – Video Credit: Joel AttenboroughFoo Fighters’ Dave Grohl To Face Animal In A Drum Off on ‘The Muppets’ – Dave vs Animal (Kermit Refereeing) – https://www.musicology-online.co.uk/article/foo-fighters-dave-grohl-to-face-animal-in-a-drum-off-on-the-muppets-dave-vs-animal-kermit-refereeing

Posted by Musicology Online on Tuesday, 1 December 2015

The two stick-men entered the ‘Drum-derdome’ to go toe-to-toe and beat-for-beat, as part of the closing credits sequence of the newest episode of The Muppets, and it’s just as epic as you’d expect.


Of course, Grohl has previous with The Muppets – in the 2011 movie, he hilariously played a knock-off version of the beat master called ‘Animool’ in a rip-off group called the ‘Moopets’.

On this occasion, however, it’s unclear who was the better man on the day, as both Grohl and Animal collapse on their drum kits exhausted after a brutal battle, simultaneously declaring “you win”.

So, it looks like the debate over who’s the better drummer will continue to rumble on!

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    Dave Grohl, Animal Hit the Skins in Epic 'Muppets' Drum Battle