Game Of Thrones Director Reveals If Ed Sheeran Was Killed By Drogon


The director of this week’s episode, Spoils Of War, has given us a hint to the fate of Ed Sheeran’s cameo character in Game Of Thrones.

One of the low points in the already brilliant season seven of GoT was the unwanted not-so-surprising cameo by Grammy award-winning, singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran.

To say that his presence in Westros was not well received is an understatement, his special guest appearance was about as welcome as a loudmouthed American in the Korean DMZ. I won’t presume to know why his cameo in the premier episode was so hated  – maybe we’re all just shit human beings and that’s why nice things will never happen to us.

I guess one silver lining in Sheeran’s appearance is that he may of been one of the many casualties of war in the latest episode.


Director Matt Shakman wouldn’t specifically confirm that his character was actually at the surprise ambush but he did confirm that he won’t be back for any further episodes.

Shakman went on to explain how his appearance, along with the other Lannister infantrymen, in the first episode helped with the climatic ending of the fourth episode.

Despite not meeting Ed Sheeran, he said that:

I think the earlier scene that was so great with Arya meeting those Lannister soldiers, where we humanise what those Lannisters are like, that they’re generous with her, only helps this sequence because it helps you feel for the men who are shaking in terror as their death is upon them.

So there you have it you macabre bastards, you can sleep well in the knowledge that Ed Sheeran MAY have been Dragon fodder and his remains are nothing but ashes or melted flesh and bones.

Oh well, at least we don’t have to suffer through anymore of his songs – in the show that is.