Gangnam Style Loses Crown As Most Watched YouTube Video Ever


Gangnam Style, the South Korean megahit brought to you by Psy in 2012, has been unseated as the most viewed video on YouTube, ending its five-year run at the top. 

The song that spawned a thousand parodies has been viewed 2,894,530,818 times, versus 2,895,724,859 views for none other than Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth’s music video for See You Again.

You can watch the track, which famously featured in the Fast and Furious franchise, in the video below:

Considering it was estimated that 3.77 billion people used the internet in 2017, if each view of See You Again reflected one unique user, that would basically mean three quarters of the people online – myself, I admit, included – have watched that very video.

That is pretty mind-blowing when you think about it. Presumably, its popularity has something to do with Paul Walker fans paying their respects to the late actor, to whom the track is dedicated.

In the interests of supporting the newfound underdog, here’s the second-spot song courtesy of Psy:

Luis Fonsi’s Despacito has already clocked up 2.483 billion views since it was uploaded in January, however, indicating there could be a battle of the bands.

The single will need to beat Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk which is fourth place at 2.55 billion views, and Justin Bieber’s Sorry offerings on the pop culture charts, which currently sits in bronze at 2.635 billion views.

Watch this space.