George Michael’s Partner Explains Suicide Tweets Posted On His Account


George Michael’s boyfriend has revealed that a number of tweets made from his account, alleging that the Wham! star had committed suicide, were the work of hackers.

Fadi Fawaz, who has also revealed he slept in his car on the night the star died, has denied making tweets claiming that George Michael wanted to end his own life.

The Mirror reports that tweets from Fadi’s account alleged that Mr Michael had wanted to die and had killed himself but Mr Fawaz has denied it, saying his Twitter account had been hacked, adding: ‘I did not send those tweets.’


The hacked tweets read: 

Not sure who that nasty close friend of George but i was in relationship with george micheal (sic) till i found him dead in bed.

The only thing George wanted is to DIE. He tried numbers of time to kill himself many times. And finally he managed…

The tweets were quickly spotted and deleted but not before George Michael’s army of loyal fans had shared them on social media.


The Mirror contacted Mr Fawaz over the tweets and he told them he was shocked at what was happening on Twitter.

He explained: 

My Twitter account has been hacked and closed. It’s a bit scary to be honest. I did not send those tweets. I woke up at 11.30am to the news. I am not going to worry about these things.

Fadi originally claimed that he’d spent the Christmas weekend at George’s house and found him dead in the morning. Now, however, he insists he spent the night in his car and discovered the body the next day.

It remains unclear why he spent the night apart from the pop icon.