Girl Brilliantly Trolls Liam Payne Catfish On Tinder


This girl caught herself a catfish on Tinder, but rather than swipe left she kept him on the line for some One Direction based hilarity.

It wasn’t hard for @ambchanel to spot the imposter on the dating app due to their use of Liam Payne’s image as their profile pic.

Amber had the ‘Perfect’ plan though, she was going to troll her match with 1D puns and see how long he took to notice…

But she did let slip almost immediately that she knew what he was up to…


Amazingly James wasn’t phased by being called Liam, so Amber had to kick it up a notch by naming some of the Brit boyband’s hits.


And still James remained oblivious!


I’m starting to think ‘James’ isn’t even a 1D fan at all…

Sadly with her in depth knowledge of the group, and James’s complete ignorance to the man he’s posing as this pair probably aren’t compatible. Such a shame.

Well played though Amber, you handled that situation brilliantly!