Guy Blags His Way Into VIP By Changing A Wikipedia Page

by : Francesca Donovan on : 14 Feb 2017 11:56
Facebook/Adam Boyd

A Manchester teen blagged his way into VIP at a gig by sneakily altering the band’s Wikipedia page.

When Adam Boyd arrived at The Albert Hall in Manchester to see The Sherlocks, the young man from Crewe was disappointed with the obstructed view of the stage during the support act’s set – a struggle we all know is real.


Annoyed he wouldn’t be able to see the headliners clearly, Boyd determined to get a better vantage point and noticed the roped-off VIP area above the stage.

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Adam told his friends he was going to try and blag his way into the guarded area, adding ‘but they were calling me an idiot and saying I wouldn’t get in’.

Adam continued:


Regardless I went up, made my way to the area, and realised I had no way of actually getting in. I needed an excuse, a reason to be let in.

That’s when Adam decided to alter The Sherlock’s Wikipedia page to add a little more gravitas to his claim to VIP fame. So, Adam wrote himself into the band’s narrative, saying he was front man Kiaran Crook’s cousin and had even inspired their first single, Live For The Moment.

Facebook/Adam Boyd

Adam’s ingenuity baffled even himself, as he said:


The Wikipedia idea came about due to my frustration of not being able to see any of the supporting band and worrying if I’d have the same problem with The Sherlocks when they came on.

I don’t know how the idea climbed to the top of all the other drunken ones I was probably having then, but it came to me to change their wiki page so I was included in it.

I was trying to find some way to ‘prove’ I was family. That’s when I ‘remembered’ about being credited on Wikipedia, although I had changed it minutes beforehand, and showed him he and said, ‘Fair enough’ and let me past. I guess luck was on my side, either that or a gullible bouncer?

I cannot believe it worked. I was expecting to be kicked out for trying.

Facebook/Adam Boyd

After watching the band from his new vantage point – which was so close he could read their watch faces, apparently – Adam got bored of enjoying the music alone, so went back down to the bar to rejoin his friends.

Boyd’s resourcefulness just goes to show that with a little quick thinking and resourcefulness – and the lax contributing laws on Wikipedia – we can all be VIPs just for one night.

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