Guy Heckled Britney Spears In The Perfect Way And Her Response Was Priceless

Britney Spears on stageUNILAD

Way back in 2007 the world rejoiced as music bellowed down from the heavens and the Gods. A chorus of beauty our mere mortal ears had never heard the likes of before. 

Taking to the parapet, our prophet roared words which we could not understand yet all of us looked on in a state of beautiful bewilderment. Our short lives had not yet been blessed but with just three words our souls were touched and we knew that we were now in Heaven at the very peak of humanity.

But just what were those three words echoed from way up above us? What were the words that all were purified upon hearing? Well listen very carefully. It’s Britney b*tch. WOAH!

Perhaps this stunned audience member was unaware of those three incredible words. As we neared the climax he shouted: ‘Who is it?!’ Britney giggled. Caught off guard. She turned to him laughing childishly before staring back at the mic, fixing her hair, and muttering the classic you know what.

It’s Britney b*tch. WOW. Best response ever. Now that man can die happy. Perhaps he already has. Big smile on his face just seconds after the camera stops rolling. What is there to live for after that? You know what? Nothing. Life? Completed it mate. Two heroes in one video.

Now. I may have made out that ‘It’s Britney b*tch’ was a biblical occasion but, and I hate to break it to you, it wasn’t.  The truth behind those three words is that they merely came at the virginal beginning of Gimme More.

However. Despite it not being an event depicted in the old testament, It’s Britney b*tch is quite the incredible catchphrase. Even sometimes now when I’m hopping out the shower I mutter a casual ‘it’s Loftus b*tch’ to myself as I begin drying my lower back.

It’s the perfect catchphrase for any name based scenario. Starbucks. ‘Name?’, ‘it’s Loftus b*tch’. Taxi. ‘Is that Joe?’ ‘It’s Loftus b*tch’. Police officer. ‘And how much have you had to drink tonight sir?’. ‘It’s Loftus b*tch’. Hell, I might as well just change the name on my passport.

Interestingly, It’s Britney b*tch only became a thing almost by accident. It was said as a joke until they decided to get it down in the song.

In a 2010 interview with MTV, Jim Beanz, who was a producer on “Gimme More,” revealed the simple origin of “it’s Britney, b*tch,” and said:

[Spears] was basically open to any and everything that I mentioned. The phrase came last minute right at the end of the session … We needed that one catch phrase to really bring her back and put her stamp on the industry and that stamp was ‘It’s Britney, b*tch.’

And that was that. Her eternity sealed. Finito.

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