Guy’s Genius Response After Girlfriend Dumps Him With Hilarious Spotify Playlist

by : Francesca Donovan on : 09 Apr 2017 16:18

Music lovers know there’s a song for every mood; Dylan for lamenting injustice, Adele for heartache, Prince for partying and The Beatles for just about everything else.

While Beyoncé has you covered if you need a tune that tells the world your husband cheated on you (allegedly) but you’ve forgiven him, now, there’s a playlist that will break up with someone on your behalf when you’re feeling particularly cowardly.


The playlist was designed by Brigham Young University student, Kristen Titus, 19, and sent to her fellow classmate, 20-year-old Wyatt Hall after they’d been on a couple of dates, reports Buzzfeed.

Kristen Titus

Titus told Buzzfeed her and Wyatt had gone ‘on a lot of creative dates’, including planting a cactus on a mountain.

Dinner and a movie clearly wasn’t good enough for their young fling, so, in a time-honoured tradition, Kristen decided to end things creatively too when the pair realised they ‘were better as friends’.


Kristen explained her playlist, saying:

I thought if I was going to end things with him I wanted to do it in a creative way.

Hence she made a Spotify playlist full of basic bitch songs that spelled out the following message:


‘Do You Still Want To Kiss Me Because I Am Kinda Lovin Someone Else But We Can Still Be Friends’



While the funny, basic bitch playlist was supposed to stay between the two friends, Kristen’s little sister got hold of the cleverly-formatted list of chart songs.


Jumping on the viral bandwagon, the youngster shared it to Twitter – and the response was overwhelming. Wyatt himself even got involved, confirming that he is in no way heartbroken.

Wyatt, who is totally chill about the joke break up, got his own back – and it sounded sweet:

‘I thought it was kind of funny honestly,’ Wyatt said, adding their relationship wasn’t ‘really serious’ and that he and Kristen will remain friends.


All’s fair in love and music.

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