Harry Styles Chopped Off His Hair And People Are Losing Their Sh*t

by : UNILAD on : 07 May 2016 10:49
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In news that you should be ashamed to get upset over, it looks like Harry Styles has chopped off that hair of his. 


Yep, how utterly shocking.

After apparently growing out his curly locks for months, the pop singer, who like so many pop-stars before him, seems to be desperately trying to change his image (literally), posted the below picture to Instagram yesterday, propelling fangirls into a state of unfathomable despair.


However the snap, showing the 22-year-old teen idol posing with what appears to be his snipped off ponytail while sticking his thumb up, may all be for a good cause – as the star hashtagged the Little Princess Trust charity in the original post.

The Little Princess Trust charity provides real hair wigs to young children who have tragically suffered from hair loss due to cancer treatment, reports the Daily Mail.

And as you can probably expect, millions have been tweeting to suggest that Harry cut off his pony to raise some much needed money for the charity:

Although aside from the fact that he’s chopped off his locks for a good cause, it has to be said, that it leaves me absolutely muddled that hundreds of thousands of so called directioners remain this besotted that Harry has snipped off a few inches of hair.

You’d think he was our long awaited messiah or something the way people are going on about it:


Wow – I feel like this guy could literally do anything at all and people would bow down to him with tears of hapless envy eternally streaming down their cheeks.

But hey, it’s all for a good cause I guess.

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