Here’s How Eminem Is Celebrating The 15th Anniversary Of ‘The Eminem Show’


Some die-hard Eminem devotees may already know that The Eminem Show turned 15 years old this month.

But for the rest of you Slim Shadys – who know almost all the lyrics to Lose Yourself and are only kind of aware of the underground shit he did with Skam because of Stan – here’s some new information.

Marshall Mathers will be celebrating the anniversary of The Eminem Show, one of the highest grossing rap records of all time, with some limited edition goodness.

#TheEminemShow Anniversary Is Coming Soon. Link in bio.

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When Eminem teased the new drop on Instagram a few days ago, many of us thought it could’ve signalled new music.

We hoped the 44-year-old Detroit rapper would bring out The Eminem Show Part 2, and continue his reign of sequel albums that began with The Marshall Mathers LP 2.

Instead, Eminem has dropped a huge release of limited edition merchandise. His team have reissued a cassette of The Eminem Show LP, as well as t-shirts and autographed posters that carry handwritten annotations of its liner notes.

#TheEminemShow Anniversary Collection. Link In Bio For Early Access.

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Mathers hyped us with an Instagram post explaining the inspiration behind the award-winning album:

The concept for The Eminem Show was inspired by The Truman Show because my life felt like it was becoming a circus at that time and I felt like I was always being watched.

Basically Jim Carrey wrote my album.

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Maybe Mathers will be sending Carrey one of his limited edition bundles to say thanks.

Prices start at $30, for a cassette and poster and go up to $250, for the full package which includes a cassette, t-shirt and autographed poster, if it’s payday where you are.

The offer ends on Saturday, because there’s a time limit on greatness, apparently. Happy nostalgia trip!