Here’s The Average Length Of Taylor Swift’s Relationships


Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston have officially called time on their utterly convincing relationship and the Internet has popped its collective champagne cork in celebration, for some reason.

E! News reports that Hiddleston wanted to take the relationship public (wasn’t it already?!) and that Tay wasn’t into it for fear of ‘too much publicity’ (because, as we all know, she really hates that).

But in the wake of the most orchestrated celeb coupling in the history of 2016, we’re all left desperately wondering whether Taylor is as shit as holding down an SO as the rest of us.

Besides her longer relationships with Joe Jonas and Calvin Harris, which lasted 16 and 15 months respectively, the songstress seems to flit between three-month flings with a series of eligible suitors.

We’ve done the actual maths (disclaimer: never my strong point) and figured out that her average relationship lasts exactly-ish 27 weeks, or in other words 186 days. That’s the same amount of time Tim Peake spent in orbit – and doesn’t that just put things into perspective for you?

At least Swift has a cool, cultivated girl squad to fall back on.

In the meantime, she hasn’t released new music since her relationship with Calvin Harris blossomed in early 2015.

Batten down the hatches, people, I predict another break-up album.