Here’s Who 50 Cent Thinks Is The Greatest Rapper Of All Time

by : Tom Percival on : 01 Jun 2016 09:44

Look out Kanye West you may not be the greatest rapper ever, that honour goes to Eminem, according to his mate 50 Cent anyway.


50, real name Curtis Jackson, has admitted in an interview with Music Choice that he owes all of his success to his friend and mentor Eminem.

The Get Rich or Die Tryin’ star admits that, despite the number of albums he’s sold, he’s never won many awards except for Crack a Bottle, which won him a grammy, but he puts that down to his pal Marshall Mathers.

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Perhaps most shockingly, Fiddy, labels hip-hop as fundamentally being ‘black music’ and that it can be a bitter pill to swallow for black artists to admit that a white rapper is better than them.


In fact Mr Cent’s so confident that his pal Marshall’s the greatest hip-hop artist ever, that he’s willing to ‘bet everything [he] has’ which unfortunately isn’t much these days.

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The penniless rapper goes on to claim that the real Slim Shady has ‘surpassed’ even Jay Z because he’s sold 60 million more records than him, putting him on a ‘different level’.

Fiddy’s not far wrong either, statistically Em is the biggest selling hip-hop artist of all time shifting over a 150 million albums worldwide and earning 42 platinum certifications.

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One person who certainly hasn’t picked up one of Marshall’s albums is Jay-Z, who may have got a touch of the green eyed monster a few years ago, when he the labelled Eminem the ‘most overrated rapper of all-time’.

Ahh well we’re sure the ‘Rap God‘ Eminem isn’t bothered…

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