Ice Cube Savages Donald Trump In New Single ‘Arrest The President’

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While Ice Cube is perhaps better known of late for starring in comedies like 21 Jump Street, Fist Fight and Ride Along, he started his career as a rapper.

Being a member of the legendary rap group NWA in the 1980’s, Cube’s lyrics attacked the flawed criminal justice system, while protesting against police brutality and racial profiling. Ice Cube then went on to make three politically charged solo albums.

However, his music became less political later on in his career, before turning his attention to Hollywood.

Three years ago Cube produced the film Straight Outta Compton which depicted the rise and fall of NWA:

Last releasing solo music back in 2010, eight years later and Cube is back rapping, returning to his political roots slamming. In his latest track, US President Donald Trump is the target,

The 49-year-old came back in style, dropping a new track called Arrest The President, the first single to arrive from his upcoming album Everythang’s Corrupt, which will be released December 7.

The message couldn’t be clearer, with Cube blasting Trump and calling for him to be arrested, stating how the evidence for his crimes is out there.

Give it a listen:

Criticising Trump for allegedly colluding with Russia to steal the 2016 election and failing to deliver his campaign promise to ‘drain the swamp’, Cube raps:

Arrest the president, you got the evidence, that n**** is Russian intelligence (Okay)

When it rains it pours, did you know the new white was orange?

Let’s meet at the White House. Run in and turn the lights out.

They treat it like a trap house. These motherf*ckers never take the trash out.

Of course this isn’t the first time he’s publicly spoken out against Trump, previously criticising the politician on numerous occasions.

In the months leading up to the 2016 presidential election, Cube explicitly told the world what he thought of Trump on Twitter.

He simply wrote:

I will never endorse a mothaf*cka like Donald Trump! EVER!!! [sic]

Last year, during an interview on WABC-AM’s Bernie & Sid Show, Cube said he doesn’t believe Trump does much for black communities adding it isn’t very high on the president’s priority list.

He explained:

What has he done? To me, the last guy [President Barack Obama] tried to do a lot, he had to do a lot to try to mop up the mess that was left…

It took pretty much eight years to try to pull this country out of, and you know, he ran out of time. So that being said, I think Trump took over a White House and a country that was in way better shape.

I don’t think there’s an animosity [with President Trump], but I don’t know how high we are on his list of priorities.

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Cube is clearly not holding back and it’ll be interesting to see just how political the rest of his album is.

Cube’s next album Everythang’s Corrupt will be released via Interscope on December 7.

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