If You Break This Golden Rule You’ll Never Work With Kanye West

by : UNILAD on : 10 Jan 2016 14:20

Rapper Kanye West dropped a new song and finally confirmations about his new album last night.


In the last two weeks, he had been teasing fans with tracks off his upcoming album, including ‘Facts’ and ‘Real Friends’, but he finally announced a release date for his upcoming album SWISH, with this pretty simple tweet to fans…

But what was more interesting was his message to future collaborators.

For those aspiring to work with ‘the greatest rock star on the planet’ and the possible future president of the U.S., you’ve got to be available 24/7 or he won’t be too impressed, apparently.


We can only try and begin to imagine how many artists may have missed out on a SWISH session, just because they wanted to call it an early night.

But to be fair, all work and no play is enough to make you go batshit crazy. That might be why he’s such an egotistical maniac? We might never know… 

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