Incredible Time-Lapse Shows Woman Using Body Paint To Become Deadpool


The time and effort that cosplayers put into looking like their favourite characters is astounding, but not everyone actually needs a costume to transform themselves into a completely different person. 

To celebrate the release of DeadpoolKay Pike used her mind-blowing body painting talents to turn herself into Lady Deadpool and the results are pretty spectacular.

lady deadpool featuredYou Tube

Pike’s YouTube channel is full of incredible paint based transformations, including Marvel’s mad titan Thanos, Dragonball Z’s galactic emperor Golden Frieza, and an absolutely amazing looking Colossal Titan from Attack on Titan.

Watching the time-lapse of her work is extraordinary, especially when you consider how she manages to create textures and patterns of light using just colour. We imagine that her skills took a lot of practice to perfect!

You can check out Kay Pike’s channel for some other time-lapses and for a better look at her process. And, if you really enjoy it, you can visit her Patreon account to help her out.