Introducing SLANG – The Rapper Who Started Songwriting On The Streets


SLANG is an up and coming  rapper who layers his authentic and hard-hitting lyrics over dreamy guitar riffs and simple drum beats.

Part of what makes his music so appealing is the damaged yet colourful childhood SLANG went through in West London’s Southall.

He remained quite underground, rising with the first wave of grime as part of the Gritty Committee collective, before breaking out and working with Wiley, Marine & The Diamonds, Charlie XCX, and WSTRN.

What Happened To You is the most upbeat of the album, with a summery looped acoustic groove underpinning his kitchen-sink style observations of life.

All of his tracks address poignant issues in the world he grew up in, with Allegations tackling escalating violence among the nation’s youth.

Most people would be able to relate to his new track Grown, where SLANG takes a reflective tone and talks about his own self discovery.

Going on the road with my mates to play some songs for ya around the UK Catch me at a show:💧☹️✌️☠️☝️

Posted by SLANG on Thursday, 6 April 2017

He said:

Grown’ touches on things that went on whilst I was young and how they affect me as an adult – even down to basic communication skills. I would shout, fight and not know how to express myself in the right way.

SLANG’s first two self-released tracks were YAY (You Alright, Yeah?), and Sweet Lies which garnered attention because of his brutally honest lyrics.

Since being signed to Parlophone, the London-based songwriter is sharing his EP SLANG and is touring in Leeds, London, Brighton, Liverpool, and Festival Number 6.

Posted by SLANG on Thursday, 9 March 2017

SLANG explains how the EP was written during a particularly challenging time in his life:

I was homeless and one of my dodgy friends gave me an opportunity to live in a house where he used to do his dodgy dealings.

Recording verses and writing guitars parts were often interrupted by the police raiding the house or a bailiff trying to break in.

The EP is available on Spotify, Apple Music, ITunes and YouTube.