Is This The Best Carpool Karaoke Line-up Ever?


It started out like any other carpool karaoke video – until that is, the back two seats were occupied. 

But let’s start at the beginning when TV presenter and comedian, James Corden graces the driving seat before the camera fades outwards revealing Gwen Stefani in the passenger seat who says, ‘it feels like we’re in a band’.

Within minutes the duo are hilariously belting out Don’t Speak by Stefani’s former band, No Doubt, but before long things take a peculiar and somewhat surreal turn as Corden ‘accidentally’ pulls into the a car lane for a minimum of four people, reports the Daily Mail.

With only half the required amount of people in the car, a panicking Corden says ‘I’ll call someone who’ll be around. This guy, he’s got nothing to do. He’s always around’.

33DBD9F600000578-3574667-image-a-34_1462438711803Late Late Show

After making the mystery phone call, almost like superman George Clooney hops into the back-seat after just seconds, and the Late Late Show crowd goes wild.

Clooney, however, does not seem best pleased, calling Corden ‘a pain in the ass’.

After James complains that George has arrived alone, the actor makes a phone call to arrange a fourth person to join them.

Although somewhat hesitant at first, and jokingly forgetting Corden’s name, the unknown fourth member eventually decides to come along to the party, and boom – it’s Julia Roberts.

33DBD9AB00000578-3574667-image-a-28_1462438242630Late Late Show

The foursome then start singing a hilarious (cringy) rendition of Hollaback Girl, as well as Queen’s anthem, We Are The Champions. 

The clip is 15 minutes long in total so hopefully we haven’t spoiled all the brilliance for you!