Jack Black Hung Out With Freddy From School Of Rock And No One Can Recognise Him

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Jack Black has been reunited with one of his former ‘students’ while performing at a gig on Tuesday night (November 13).

The School of Rock actor was performing with his comedy rock band Tenacious D when he bumped into an old friend backstage.

Kevin Clark, who played Freddy Jones in School of Rock, attended the gig when he found out Black was playing in his town.

School of Rock was released a little over 15 years ago (stop it, I feel so old) and was the perfect way to showcase a mix of Black’s silly humour and his rock skills.

According to TMZ, Clark – who is now a drummer – got in touch with the actor as soon as he heard Tenacious D were gigging nearby. Because, why the hell wouldn’t you?

And as though they’d never been apart, Black then made sure the drummer was given tickets and backstage access to the gig at the Riviera Theatre. What more could a guy want?!

Take a look at the reunion below:

You wouldn’t have recognised him would you? Apparently the pair hadn’t seen each other for quite a while, making the reunion that bit more special.

Clark’s character in School of Rock, Freddy Jones, was the band’s outspoken drummer – a true rock legend – and he says he only got the role because of his drumming skills.

He hasn’t starred in any films since, choosing to pursue his music career as he continues to play the drums for local Chicago bands.

According to TMZ, the t-shirt that Black can be seen wearing in the video is one of Clarke’s own; he plays in his own band now, called Dreadwolf, and gave Jack one their custom shirts, which he threw on immediately.

Two musicians supporting each other, you’ve got to love it, haven’t you.

And it seems Black’s comedic persona has only continued since his days as Dewey Finn in School of Rock, as he recently attended his Walk of Fame ceremony and managed to troll everybody there.

The actor’s Hollywood Walk Of Fame star was revealed in September this year, and he wasted no time whatsoever in getting up close and personal with it.

While other celebrities maintain polite and composed smiles as they pose in front of their Hollywood stars, Black rolled around on the floor as the press called instructions out to him – managing to pull off the ultimate troll as he did so.

See if you can spot it here:

Standing proudly over his star, the actor made a circular sign which was revealed when the camera panned upwards. The circle game, if you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, involves one person making the sign and trying to get their target to look at it.

According to Urban Dictionary, the ‘rules’ of this game declare that if the victim looks at the sign, they have lost and therefore must receive a punch on the arm.

So, in theory, by sneaking the sign into his photoshoot Jack now has permission to punch all the unsuspecting people across the world that have fallen victim to his troll.

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And bringing it all back home, School of Rock writer Mike White spoke at the ceremony, praising Jack by saying:

The bigger the legend you are, like, the human, the person, recedes. What I think is the most impressive is that the legend that [people] love is incredibly close to the actual person that he is.

School of Rock 2, anyone?

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