Jack White And Jack Black Have Finally Collaborated To Create ‘Jack Gray’


Jack White and Jack Black teamed up to create music and the collaboration has, naturally, been dubbed ‘Jack Gray’. 

Of course, if they were in England it would be Jack Grey but we’ll stick with Black’s spelling for now.

The School of Rock star spoke about the collaboration in a video posted to his Jablinski Games YouTube channel and though details about the creation remain underwraps Black has promised it’s ‘legendary’.

Black and his Tenacious D partner, Kyle Gass, headed over to the former White Stripes frontman’s home studio in Nashville recently where they recorded a new song.

The actor described the experience as ‘magical’ and expressed his excitement for its release, though at the time of writing (August 12) there’s no information about when that might be.

According to The Guardian, the collaboration has been joked about since the early 2000s, when both Black and White gained popularity. The pair met in 2006 at the MTV Music Video Awards and they have been pictured together since but this appears to be the first time they’ve worked together on a track.

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The video documented the tour White gave Black and Gass of his Third Man Records headquarters, which is described as part museum, part recording studio, and part arthouse/gallery.

Tenacious D then headed over to the former frontman’s house to record a single.

Speaking of the collaboration, Black added:

This is a legendary collab. Everyone’s been waiting for it. Now it’s here.

Though they weren’t able to film inside White’s house, the video included footage taken as they made their way there, in which Black performed a rendition of Michael Jackson’s Black or White, singing ‘if you’re thinking about being my baby, it don’t matter if Jack Black or White’.

After returning from the recording session the actor gushed about ‘kicking out the jams’ and said the song was ‘kickin’ chicken’ – which is presumably a good thing.

He added:

It’s a stone-cold jam.

To fill viewers in on what they’d missed Black also described White’s house, saying:

His house is crazy, I’ve never seen so many cool antique toys and like, little moviolas.

It’s what you would expect: Jack White’s house is gonna be off the chain. I’m still floating, floating on Cloud 9.

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Fans have taken to social media to comment on the highly-anticipated partnership and the news has been well received.

One person wrote:

Yes, I know about this Jack White/Jack Black thing.
Yes, I’m excited as sh*t for it.
Yes, I’m primarily excited that he’s just doing a normal thing and not complaining about Guac.

Yes, I’ll uh…buy everything that they make together…

Hopefully fans won’t have to wait too long to hear the Jack Gray creation!

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