James Blunt Makes Insane Offer To Police To Help With Anti-Vaccine Protesters

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James Blunt Makes Insane Offer To Police To Help With Anti-Vaccine Protesters
James Blunt Makes Insane Offer To Police To Help With Anti-Vaccine Protesters (Alamy)

James Blunt has offered his services for New Zealand police officers trying to repel anti-vax protesters.

Blunt was subjected to a fair degree of mockery when he first became famous. Despite writing one of the most recognisable songs of our times with You're Beautiful, then churning out chart-toppers like Goodbye My Lover, Wisemen and more, he'd still receive abuse day in, day out.

Then, he used social media as a tool; not just to fight back, but to make fun of himself before anyone else could. After his recent 'threat' to Spotify amid the controversy surrounding Joe Rogan's podcast, Blunt has made another offer.



Yesterday, February 12, authorities in New Zealand started playing Barry Manilow's greatest hits in a bid to annoy and eventually disperse protesters camped outside the parliament building, including the Macarena on a 15-minute loop. Of course, the protesters ended up responding with their own songs, including Twister Sister's We're Not Gonna Take It.

Hundreds of anti-vaxxers gathered in Wellington to rally against the country's vaccine mandates earlier this week, but their numbers have quickly dwindled amid departing protesters and arrests for trespassing or obstruction. Local law enforcement also turned on the nearby sprinklers to try to encourage them to leave, however they ended up digging trenches and building makeshift drain pipes to divert the water.

'No one who is here is here legally, and if they're getting wet from below as well as above, they're likely to be a little bit less comfortable and more likely to go home,' Parliament Speaker Trevor Mallard said, as per 9 News.


Blunt caught wind of the police's tactics, and decided to put himself forward. 'Give me a shout if this doesn’t work,' he wrote, sharing a BBC News article.


James Blunt Makes An Insane Promise If His Album Reaches Number One

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According to a few social media users, the government has already listened. 'Meanwhile, in NZ... the government is playing James Blunt from Parliament balcony speakers to deter the protesters. They're just singing along,' one wrote.


'It’s not having the desired effect @jamesblunt — someone call the human rights commission,' another wrote. 'Thanks James! As a NZer working in health I've had it up to here with these people! THANK YOU And thanks Nz police for all you are doing. Get them OUT,' a third tweeted. 'They actually playing your music right now... This is hilarious! Two girls fainted,' a fourth wrote.

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