Jedward Are Completely Ripped Now And It’s Creepy As Hell


Titans of Irish pop music, Jedward, once pioneered the music of young people everywhere to previously unforeseeable heights – now they’re creeping us out.

The baby-faced men-children have kept relatively quiet for the past few years and now we know why – because they’ve been getting fucking shredded in the gym, reports the Irish Independent.


Personally there’s not a helluva lot I remember about Jedward but one thing I will never forget is how pathetically energetic the Dub duo are, energy I imagine they’ve been putting to use while pumping iron on Planet Jedward.

Posting onto social media, the prophets of modern music shared some pics of their shredded abdominals:

But their chiselled chests seem to have brought out some ‘interesting’ characters:

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Well then.

Apparently the identical twins are set to be entering Celebrity Big Brother next year, again, alongside Katie Hopkins, Stephen Bear, and Les Dennis.

Don’t know about you but I can’t bloody wait…