Jedward Have Been Hitting The Gym And Are Absolutely Ripped Now

by : Julia Banim on : 26 Jun 2018 10:50
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Saturday nights in were much simpler back in 2009, with the pre-Netflix nation easily reduced to delighted laughter at the sight of singing twins in glittery suits.


We were first introduced to the concept of a ‘Planet Jedward’ during the golden days of The X Factor, a planet commonly brushed over in GCSE Physics.

The two inhabitants, John and Edward Grimes, indeed appeared like an alien species with their sky high quiffs, jazzy outfits and state of constant excitement at their earthbound surroundings.

Every overly enthusiastic, spangly performance felt as if the twins had been pumped full of pure sugar before bedtime and were refusing to brush their teeth. They were at once annoying and full of fun. Marmite and prawn cocktail crisps.


Some serious-minded viewers were enraged as Jedward rocketed through the competition with their hyperactive covers of Under Pressure and Ice Ice Baby.

Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown famously sparked an uproar after he described them as being ‘not very good.’

Like a true politician, he was of course later forced to solemnly apologise for his rudeness.

However, others just couldn’t get enough of the Irish duo and so a very strange, very loyal fanbase was established.

This of course included sentimental boyband liker Louis Walsh, who described the lads as being ‘raw, naïve and innocent:’

I don’t know how people can hate two nice young kids from Ireland. They’ve been edited really badly and come across as the people everyone loves to hate…


As time went on, the brothers proved their haters wrong; carving out a wacky, successful career in presenting, singing and reality TV with all the drive one would expect from a two-headed character from The Tweenies.

It’s fair to say it didn’t occur to any noughties era X Factor viewer that Jedward would one day crack open their alien chrysalis as buff, musclebound gym gods.

But this is apparently what has happened. At 27-years-old, John and Edward still dress like identical, sparkly muppet babies in a pram rigged with fairy-lights and fog horns.

And yet, could it be they are now… sexy?

People have been sharing pictures of shirtless Jedward, and cannot get over how buff the lads are looking these days.

With their – of course identical – six packs, Jedward are my gymspiration for the day; putting my puny cross trainer efforts to shame.

The fused-at-the-hip duet have clearly been putting some serious hours into sculpting their abs, and even the most bitter of Joe McElderry fans cannot fail to be impressed.


Plenty of admirers have been commenting on Jedward’s ripped physiques on their prolific Instagram page.

What a transformation!

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