Justin Bieber And Ariana Grande Hit Back At Tekashi 6ix9ine After He Accused Them Of Cheating

by : Cameron Frew on : 19 May 2020 08:57
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Tekashi 6ix9ine has been back on the music scene for about two minutes, and he’s already accused Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande of ‘cheating’. Unsurprisingly, they’re not having one bit of it. 

Fresh out of prison and placed on house arrest due to the pandemic, the controversial rapper took aim at the pop behemoths after their song Stuck With U debuted at number one on the Billboard Hot 100.


Meanwhile, Tekashi’s comeback song Gooba landed at number three – much to the artist’s displeasure, sparking accusations that Bieber and Grande’s team cheated to take the top spot. ‘It’s all manipulated. It’s all fabricated. You can buy number ones,’ he moaned.

Watch his outburst below:


Referencing a forecast record labels receive before the Billboard chart’s official drop online, the rapper – real name Daniel Hernandez – alleged that Stuck With U was predicted to debut at number five, while his track was destined for the number two spot.


However, Grande supposedly submitted 60,000 units ‘at the last second’, with an ‘investigation’ by Tekashi’s team apparently revealing that ‘six credit cards’ had also been used to purchase 30,000 units of the song (the proceeds of which are going to the First Responders Children’s Foundation).

Grande was the first to hit back in a lengthy Instagram put-down, writing: 

Anyone who knows me or has followed me for a while knows that numbers aren’t the driving force in anything I do. I’m grateful to sing. Grateful to have people who want to listen. Grateful to even be here at all…. my fans bought the song. JUSTIN’S fans bought the song. OUR fans bought this song (never more than four copies each, AS THE RULES STATE).

They are ride or die motherfuckers and I thank god every day that I have them in my life. not just when they fight for us to win (even when i ask them not to as i did this week) but because they’re some of the greatest people I know. Sales count for more than streams. U can not discredit this as hard as u try.


The thank u, next singer never named Tekashi explicitly, but added: ‘To anybody that is displeased with their placement on the chart this week… I ask u to take a moment to humble yourself. Be grateful you’re even here… congratulations to all my talented ass peers in the top ten this week. Even number three.’

Bieber also responded in a string of Instagram Stories, explaining that ‘60,000 units came because we don’t disclose our numbers until end of week. That’s called strategy.’

The Intentions singer added: 


The rules are clear one credit card can buy max 4 copies. Anything over that the entire amount gets thrown out. Neilsen company checks this and found all our sales were legit because our fans are amazing and bought them. Don’t discredit our fan base with false info.

This is my song with Ariana Grande and I’m honored to work with her to help raise money for a great cause. If you gonna say her name make sure you say mine because it’s our song.

Tekashi Claims Justin BieberJustin Bieber/Instagram

The duo’s manager Scooter Braun echoed Bieber’s sentiments, repeating the breakdown of the rules while writing: ‘No one should discredit your amazing fan base with lies.’

In a later Instagram post, Tekashi said he’s speaking for the ‘millions of kids that come from nothing’, and that he was only trying to address Ariana rather than ‘come at’ her. ‘Not saying that you not talented… you just don’t understand my pain. My frustration is from Billboard,’ he added.


Billboard has yet to comment on the rapper’s claims.

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