Justin Bieber Chats Shit On Twitter, Gets Banged With Huge Lawsuit


Justin Bieber is staring down the barrel of a hefty lawsuit after he took to Twitter to talk trash about a Canadian promoter.

Biebs was due to play Montreal’s Beachclub on August 22 of last year, but the former YouTube sensation pulled out of the gig, placing the blame on Team Productions for an alleged breach of contract.

The company sees things very differently, however, and after Bieber tweeted the cancellation was solely their fault, a defamation case seeking $650,000 in damages from a Canadian court was instigated.

This is the offending message:


According to Variety Latino, Team Productions agreed to pay $250,075 at signing and $175,000 five days prior to the travel date, but as part of that agreement Bieber was meant to plug the gig on social media.

The lawsuit argues the pop superstar failed to deliver on the terms and Team Productions ‘initiated discussions for a discount’ after a first payment was made to Bieber.

The suit also reads:

In any industry, a company’s reputation is of the utmost importance, but that is particularly true in certain industries where one trades principally on relationships and credibility…(Team Productions) enjoyed a wonderful reputation after having successfully organized major events in Montreal. That reputation was destroyed by one single tweet by the defendant.

With his previous brushes with the law, Bieber probably knows a good lawyer or two, but it’ll be interesting to see how this one plays out.