Justin Bieber Brutally Insults Young Fan After She Asks For Picture


For the record: The opinions put forward about Justin Bieber are the author’s and I stand by them…


Tantrum throwing pop-star Justin Bieber has come under fire once again for being a dick to his fans, this time getting caught on video telling a fan she ‘made him feel sick’.

According to the Herald Sun Bieber, who seems to hate his fans as much as I hate his music, was in Melbourne for his Purpose tour when he had a run in with an over-enthusiastic fan, Sabah Helal.

Sabah, 20, apparently made the mistake of trying to ask the Sorry singer for a photo when he accused her of invading his privacy.


Now you may be thinking that’s not that bad. Sure it’s a bit curt but Biebs has to deal with the pressure of being a rich, talented and good looking pop-star with legions of fans so surely he’s entitled to be a prick to whoever he wants.

Well, no actually…

Unfortunately rather than leave things there Justin managed to apply his own hateful brand of smug dickishness to proceedings by saying to the girl: ‘Look at you, you make me sick’.

As you’d expect, being told this by your favourite singer doesn’t do wonders for one’s self confidence and Sabah’s mum, Houda Bennaou, has labelled the star’s behaviour ‘disgusting’.

Houda said: 

My daughter was bawling her eyes out. She was dying to meet him and then he humiliated her.

Apparently at the performance that evening Bieber kept hands in his pockets for the first few songs and was apparently as charismatic as a particularly odious slug – so about the same as normal then.

I’m not a pop star so I wouldn’t know but is it usual to have such a healthy level of contempt for your fans or is that just a jumped-up manufactured musical brat thing?