Justin Bieber Has Fallen Off Stage Yet Again And This Video Is Even Funnier


Only two weeks after falling flat on his face in Canada, Justin Bieber has once again taken a tumble and it’s just as funny as last time.

The pop-brat was in Florida on his ‘Purpose Tour’ when he slipped in a puddle on the stage and ate shit, managing to not just fall flat on his arrogant arse, but also roll off stage into an even deeper pool, ELLE reports.

Personally I think this one’s even funnier than the last time he managed to knock himself out, but maybe we should remind ourselves just how funny it was with this looped version.

There’s something super satisfying about his latest fall though, especially seeing the jumped up baby-faced singer splashing around in the water like an angry toddler while ‘Sorry’ plays in the background.

To be fair he did manage to leave the stage with some dignity and after being picked up by his backing dancers he reportedly said: “Life is about taking falls.”

Mind due I would have thought he’d of learned his lesson about water on stage by now considering this isn’t the first time he’s slipped while singing.

I know we shouldn’t laugh at someone’s misfortune but it’s really difficult when that person just so happens to be pop-prick Justin Bieber.