Justin Bieber Just Got A Face Tattoo And The Internet Can’t Cope

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Remember when Zayn Malik fooled everyone into thinking that he had a massive tattoo on the side of his face? Well, step forward Justin Bieber to be the latest divisive musician to send the Internet into complete meltdown with his poor life choices.

Admittedly, Biebs’ new ink isn’t quite as extravagant as that phoenix Zayn appeared to have had tattooed on his head, but the 22-year-old Canadian irritant has nonetheless been showing off a tear-like mark – a tiny cross – next to his left eye in his recent Instagram posts.

Still, at least this one appears to be real, unlike Malik’s.


A reminder at this point, however, that the tear drop tattoo near the eye is generally associated with murdering somebody or doing time in prison. Have you killed someone Justin? Or is this inked facial symbol to represent your crimes against music?

Anyway, apparently Bieber got the ink done recently at the West 4th Tattoo Parlor in New York by renowned tattoo artist Jon Boy – who showed off the work on his own Instagram page.

According to US Weekly, Bieber got matching face tattoos with his friend Joe Termini in a two-hour session, before Bieber surprised the crowd at Manhattan bar Up & Down with an impromptu performance.

And, given how Directioners reacted to Zayn’s apparent ink a couple of months ago, you can probably imagine how the similarly composed and rational Beliebers responded to their beloved Biebs’ new face art.

Yeah, they lost their shit.

You see, back in February, Bieber told GQ that he would consider getting a face tattoo – but only when he’s older and middle aged.


And now his fans don’t know what to believe anymore…

Seriously, they took it well…


Given that tattoos are pretty damn permanent, this may be one time when it actually is too late to say sorry, Justin…

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