Justin Bieber Sends Fans Into Meltdown After Getting New Hairdo


It’s fair to say Justin Bieber isn’t everyone’s favourite attention-seeking popstar.

The Love Yourself singer is never too far away from controversy. Whether he’s stubbing out a cigarette on a song-writer, mouthing off about Prince just after he died or simply comparing himself to God (as you do).

hair web thumb

He’s just here, all the fucking time. Clogging up our newsfeed with more stupid shit that he’s decided to pull.

Oh, and there was also that awful new hairdo he decided to rock. That pissed even more people off, with many accusing him of cultural appropriation.

But at least now he’s done something about the latter. Biebs has ditched those blonde locks for something a bit more shaven and it’s definitely an improvement.

Judging from the selfies he’s posted on Instagram, it seems he’s pretty chuffed with his new fresh buzz cut: 

And some of his fans were pretty damn happy with the sudden change too:

Others, not so much:

They’re a strange bunch.

If we know Justin well enough by now, we’re sure he will change it again very soon. He’s not exactly one that likes being out of the spotlight for more than five fucking minutes.