Justin Bieber Shows Off Moustache And Fans Aren’t Happy

by : Charlie Cocksedge on : 16 Jun 2018 20:21
Justin Bieber grows a moustacheJustin Bieber/Instagram

Never one for shying away from bold fashion moves, Bieber has gone and done it again with a new, questionable addition to his catalogue of looks.

This time, the fashion choice comes in the form of some hair sprouting from just above his top lip.


Sharing the gorgeous growth on his Instagram story, Bieber captioned the video ‘I am Joe Dirt’ as he played with the thin strands of hair.

Check it out:

Of course, you can’t have 100 million followers on social media and not garner some reactions to your new look.


One hygiene-conscious person wrote:

omg i can literally smell this tweet

Another said:


he looks so dirty and smelly

While one pun-meister wrote:

looks more like messpacito to me


Of course, Bieber has documented his facial hair journey so some weeks now, sharing pictures of the emerging growth captioned ‘long hair don’t care and my stash is gorgeous’.

And the inspiration behind the new look? Well, judging by his recent Instagram posts, it’s probably got something to do with his current ‘man crush’ – the similarly hairy, heavily tattooed Post Malone.


In fact, Bieber has posted a fair few pictures of himself and Malone hanging out, Skyping, playing piano together and generally being a couple of really cool bros.

Some fans, however, are sure of Bieber’s facial hair homage to Posty:

*hangs out with post malone once*

While the moustache is one thing, it may be while before we see Bieber with as many additions to his face as Post Malone, who is becoming as well known for his choice of inkings than he is for his music.

In fact, the Texas-based singer, known for his string of hits including White Iverson, Rockstar and Congratulations, recently got a new face tat that really speaks volumes.

The fresh tattoo was revealed on Instagram yesterday by Minneapolis-based photographer and videographer Adam DeGross.

In DeGross’ Instagram bio, he describes himself as Post’s personal tour photographer, this means part of his job is to document the rapper and singer-songwriter’s life on the road. In this recent post, he shows an intimate look at Post getting hooked up with some sweet new ink by tattoo artist Chad Rowe.

As you can see from the DeGross’ post, Post Malone got the words ‘Always Tired’ tattooed underneath his eyes.

This isn’t the first tattoo Post Malone has inked on his face, around his head he’s got a crown of thorns, and above his right eye he has the words ‘Stay Away’, as well as a sword down the right hand side of his face.

While the concept of face tattoos may appear unorthodox and unconventional, it is increasingly popular among those who immerse themselves in tattoo and street culture.

Justin, however, will always be the fresh-cut pop star everyone knows him as. So while he does have his fair share of tattoos on his body, it may be a while before we see any fresh ink on his face.

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