Justin Bieber’s Car Broke Down ‘In The Hood’ And Locals Made Him Do Push-Ups In The Street


It seems no matter how rich you are, how famous you are or how many Beliebers belieb in you, sometimes your car breaks down and you can’t do sh*t about it.

Justin Drew Bieber, born March 1, 1994, is one such celebrity. On Saturday, November 3, the Bieb’s car apparently broke down in Los Angeles and, to while away the hours before the repair people turned up, Justin hung out with the locals, posed for photos, sung a little song and did some push ups. He really is a man of the people.

They also had time for a basketball game, which makes me happy because I love basketball. But more so because it shows the car repair people didn’t dish out any preferential treatment for the young singer. In fact, maybe they took extra time getting to him, who knows.

It’s not clear why the Sorry singer broke down, it happens to the best of us after all, but it seems local residents were happy to keep him entertained, making him sing and do push ups for no apparent reason other than – I guess – because it’s J Biebs.

Check out the fan-made footage from the event:

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It seems the push ups were a punishment for Justin wearing slippers, as this video was captioned: ‘Justin Bieber bust down in the hood for having slippers’. But you’ve got to be comfortable when driving, right?

Check it out:

The observant amongst you will have noticed that, in these recent videos, JB is sporting a trim new haircut. Almost as if he’s shaved his head.

That’s because the dude has shaved his head. And he didn’t even warn us he was going to do it! The cheeky chap.

Of course, the new do was met with mixed reactions from Justin’s fans. Some loved the bold new look – you do you J-Bob! – while others were more concerned for the young pop star.

Some commenters couldn’t help but recall 2007-era Britney Spears, a year in which she faced a few struggles and infamously shaved all her hair off, leaving many fans worried for her mental wellbeing.

The Canadian crooner inadvertently curated concern after his run-in with the clippers, with several fans drawing direct comparisons to Britney’s actions over a decade ago:

justin bieberjustinbieber/Instagram

One fan wrote:

Justin Bieber went as Britney Spears in 2007 for Halloween 2018. What a time to be alive

Another said:

It was only a matter of time after Justin Bieber ate his burrito sideways that he would go full 2007 Britney on all us.

If you’re unsure about the burrito comment, allow me to elaborate.

You see, the hungry singer was recently spotted on a park bench tucking into a delicious burrito. However, the way in which he had chosen to chow on the Mexican food – attacking it from the side rather than the more conventional top-down method – raised a few eyebrows.

Alas, it seems the photo was a prank set up by YouTube group Yes Theory, reports Complex.

On the other hand, maybe he’s shaved his head to make room for some new face tats, who knows. Hope he got his car fixed though.

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