Justin Bieber’s World Tour Has Made An Absolutely Obscene Amount Of Money


Love or hate him, Justin Bieber is a money making machine.

I’m guessing the majority of you reading this – or those of you who have instantly jumped to the comments section – hate this guy. And we won’t hold that against you.

You’ll probably hate him even more now as it’s been revealed that his current world tour has grossed nearly $200 million (that’s just over £160 million). Are you feeling poor and shit about life yet?

According to Billboard, the Biebz’s Purpose world tour, which has the same name as his current album, has sold at least 2.2 million tickets in his 122-country-stop bonanza. This year alone he’s played 10 shows, raking in a huge $40 million (over £32 million) in the process.

And that’s not taking into account the money he’s made of his limited edition tour merchandise either.

As expected, whenever Justin Bieber comes into town, his over-zealous, disturbingly obsessed fans come out of the woodwork and start acting all ‘cray-cray’ (please kill us now) at his shows.

Getty UK

It’s gotten so bad that at a recent stop in Sydney, Australia, Bieber begged his fans to ‘stop acting like animals’ as they chased him from a Chargrill Charlie’s restaurant to his car.

Apparently Bieber needed a police escort to get to his car and had to tell fans that:

The more you guys scream and act like animals, the less we can have a conversation.

This comes after he declared that he would no longer take pictures with fans as it made him feel like ‘a zoo animal’.

Last week when a fan attempted to take a selfie with the Canadian megastar he told them that they ‘made him feel sick’.  That’s just brutal but I guess that’s the cost of being an ultra rich Illuminati member pop-star though.