Kanye West Is Trolling People On Twitter Again

by : Tom Percival on : 04 Feb 2016 12:45
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Voice of a generation and ‘greatest living rock star on the planet’, Kanye West isn’t one for playing down his talent and influence.

And now he’s attempting to use that influence to make an iconic magazine put him on their cover, by releasing an unauthorised version of how he’d like the cover to look.

Last night, West posted a photo that looked suspiciously like a cover of Rolling Stone magazine.


Rolling Stone soon stepped in though, and quickly clarified the West mock up is not actually a cover for their magazine – but they, like the rest of us, are pretty keen to learn more abut his choice of mustard.

The ever modest West then told his 18 million Twitter followers the photo will probably end up being a cover before asking them to vote on whether it should be. At present, more than 50,000 people have voted.

Naturally Kim Kardashian West also piped up, professing it was one of her ‘fave’ pictures of her husband, and later tweeting ‘#trollingstone’.


Meanwhile, Tyler the Creator asked his followers the real important question.

Later on West took issue when Billboard ran a headline about the ‘fake’ cover, saying he’d prefer it if they used the term ‘unauthorised’ instead.



Kanye, never change your ridiculous ways…

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