Kanye West Reveals New Album Title, But What Does It Mean?


Kanye West just can’t seem to decide on a title for his new album, but his latest suggestion has got people talking.

The album’s already been through various incarnations already with suggested titles including So Help Me God, SWISH and Waves.

But now he has changed it yet again, to the obscure and curious initials of T.L.O.P.


It seems there is clearly some sort of meaning behind it but nobody except Kanye appears to know what that is yet…


He tweeted the latest announcement and offered tickets to ‘Season 3 and free Yeezys’ to anyone who can work out what the mysterious letters stand for.

Needless to say people have really gone all out in their efforts to decipher some meaning from it…


And of course there was the obligatory reference to that now infamous Amber Rose Twitter exchange…

Kanye has not yet revealed if anyone has come up with the right title but it’s safe to say it will probably change at least one more time before it’s finally released on February 11th.

No yeezys just yet then…